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Who we are

Dark Owl Design are a Melbourne based Web Design Agency

We specialise in websites for small to medium or start-up businesses.

A passion for great design

Owned and operated by Mike and Kylie Glover, we are a small team who have turned our passion for great web design into a successful business that has grown from humble beginnings to where it is today.

You succeed and look good, and we do too!

We understand what it takes to run a small business and realise that it doesn't all happen during 'office hours', so we are flexible with our times and work morning, noon and night! In fact, while we are working with you to develop your online presence we are thinking about your business as much as we do our own. After all, we want your business to succeed and look good, because that makes us look good too.

Providing experience and wisdom

With extensive Marketing and Information Technology experience in both small business and large global companies, we've been around the business world long enough to know we can 'add some wisdom to your website', yet we still have enough 'young and dynamic computer nerd' in us to ensure that we are up-to-date with the latest internet technologies. We can provide an array of Services to help grow your business.

Personalised Service

We pride ourselves on supplying clients with personalised service and attention to detail. Our combination of skills and knowledge enables us to deliver a lot more to you than just a good looking design. We believe it is important to really understand your needs, so we don't just meet, but exceed your expectations.

By utilising the right tools for your business, we will provide you with a site that is easy-to-use, looks great and delivers results for your business.

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What to expect

If you want to find out what can you expect to happen when you work with Dark Owl Design to build your website, then read about How We Work