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Domains and Hosting

A domain name is the home for your business on the internet

Choosing a domain is the first step in creating your online presence, and is as important as your business card. Your domain name becomes an integral part of your identity online.

Registering a domain for use is cheap (less than $50 per year). Dark Owl Design can register your domain for you, or help you register your own, and we can help you understand which sort of domain (.com,,, etc.) is the most suitable for your business. We can also help you find and choose something that is easily remembered and relevant to your organisation, products or services.

We'll look after your domain and host it in a secure location

A Domain name enables people to look up your website, but the website pages and all the content on them need to be stored (or 'hosted') on a web server (the domain name will 'point' to the server, so that the website loads when visitors come to your site). Dark Owl Design offer secure and affordable hosting for our clients, on fast servers located within Australia that are backed up daily. Our hosting supplier offers 24 hour phone support, and are always quick to help out or resolve issues if they ever occur.

Email, however you want it

Owning a domain name also gives you the capability to setup and use any and all email addresses at that domain. We can setup as many mailboxes as you need, or forward email to an existing account, manage mail groups (so multiple copies of emails to your domain are sent out), and establish automatic responders. However you want to communicate with your customers via e-mail, we can help set up the mail accounts, settings and processes to make it happen.

Already established? Not a problem

Many people register domain names when they start a business, but don't get round to building a website until later - or maybe you have a website hosting solution with your internet service provider that you'd like to use. Dark Owl Design are more than happy to work with your existing domain and/or hosting setup, and can help you get the most from these services.