add some wisdom to your website

Web Content

Communicating to your audience is vital, and we can help you deliver just the right message

The content that your website contains is important. You want to convey the right message in a tone that is appropriate to your audience. Deciding how to describe a business, product or service for a website can really stump a lot of clients. What you need to remember is that you are expert on your own business and if you have trouble conveying that knowledge into words for the website, we will help you.

Search Engines read your website too!

What can often be forgotten when website copy is being written is that it's not just the website visitors that will use the content. Major search engines continually gather information about websites by 'crawling' and analysing the content. Well written website copy is the foundation of SEO - your business must be described effectively and concisely in the content, and key phrases and words must be prevalent and given prominence where possible.

Capture your audience and answer their questions quickly!

Writing for the web is different from print copywriting and that's where we can apply our expertise. The content must be well organised and easy to navigate. Generally web content is better being 'to the point' in the main areas, and then for those that want to read more they can be lead further into your site to find more detail.

Once again, we can jump in wherever you need us to; we can start from scratch with you, or just tweak the content that you supply.

The power of pictures

Everyone knows the adage 'a picture is worth 1000 words'. Sometimes, and this is even more true on the highly-visual nature of websites, it is much more appropriate to show people a diagram, photograph or illustration of a concept rather than to have a wordy explanation. We can integrate, re-style or re-create existing images into your content, or develop new diagrams or drawings (and even take photos!) to include on your site.

Content is King

Often the primary focus during the construction of a website seems to be on the colours, images, fonts, logos, menus and background images - and this visual 'icing' will draw first time visitors into your site, and make browsing it pleasurable for repeat visitors.

At least equal weight must be given to the preparation of meaningful content... no matter how good a cake looks on the outside, if it doesn't taste right then people won't come back for another slice!