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CMS: Content Management Systems

"The sole advantage of power is that you can do more good"

A web Content Management System enables users to create and manage website content without needing to know how to program web sites. They can be used for a huge range of applications; from e-commerce to blogging, discussions forums and data repositories, or simply for websites that need to be updated regularly, due to changing or additional content, for example with news updates or calendar events.

Will your website need a CMS?

Installing a CMS to support a website is a decision that needs to be made early on, when the Web Strategy is being developed. When the purpose of your website and the target audience is well understood, the decision can be made of whether a CMS is suitable or desirable.

Which CMS should I use?

There are heaps of CMS packages to choose from, and Dark Owl Design will advise in the selection of a CMS to support your business. There are some excellent free options available (for example WordPress, Drupal or Joomla) that may meet the requirements, and lots of others that are affordable and may offer more comprehensive or unique functionality.

Designing and Developing for a CMS

The Web Designers role when installing a CMS is not only to get the software up and running and configured correctly, but also to provide a great looking design while working within the limitations imposed by the CMS layout.

Many websites using a CMS have a 'pre-packaged' design that looks like hundreds of other plain looking corporate websites, with a few bland graphics and forgettable layouts. Our ability to do custom programming and to create interfaces and graphics allow us to maximise the use of the 'theme' concept that CMS use to provide their look and feel to ensure your site looks unique and represents your brand.