add some wisdom to your website

Web Strategy

Every great website begins with a solid strategy and evolves according to a plan

Your Website Strategy is simply a plan to describe what your website is actually for.

Every business is unique, as are each of the websites we create. In order for us to give you the best possible website you could have, we need to understand who your customers are, and how they will engage with your business online - what information they will be able to get, what transactions they can perform, etc. Once we know this, we can plan for a Website that has the content they need and persuades them to take the action that you desire.

Developing the Plan, together

Each client will require different levels of assistance when developing their Website Strategy. Some clients will place a lot of emphasis on Search Engine Optimisation. Others will focus on being able maintain and update the web content themselves, via a Content Management System.

For some clients, a redesign of an existing URL may be required, and other clients might want to add an email marketing campaign with statistical report follow up. Regardless of how much you already know about what you want from your website, we will assist and advise every step of the way and work with you to create a web presence that is exactly what your business needs.

The Proposal and SiteMap

Once a Strategic Plan for the site has been developed and an understanding of what Content it will contain has been established, we will develop a Proposal for the website. The Proposal will contain a description of the main features and functions of the website, and will also include a draft SiteMap, organising all the content of the site into pages. The Proposal and SiteMap together show and describe how your Web Strategy will be turned into a working website!