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How we work

We can take care of everything and make the whole process easy for you

We can begin wherever you like.

We understand that you may be at the stage where you don't really know where to start or what you need. On the other hand, you might have very strong ideas about your look and feel, already have a domain name and are ready to roll with the development. Our goal is to deliver a process that is simple to work with and delivers results.

Step by Step

1. We Chat

First of all we generally start by having a chat over the phone. We get a very brief idea about what your business is about and where you are at in your website planning.

2. We Meet

We are flexible. You can come to us, we can come to you, or if it's easier for you we can correspond entirely via phone and email. At this stage we need to find out what your business is about, understand who your online customers will be, and get a feel for what you like and dislike in web design. We will have given you a list of things to think about before we meet so that we can gain as much insight into your business as possible.

3. We Plan

During and following the meeting, we develop the Website Strategy together. We work out what content will be needed for the site and how we are going to work together to deliver it. We take your future plans, existing branding and your budget into consideration and come up with a proposal for the website. The proposal includes a preliminary site map, a description of the functionality of the website, and an estimate of the costs of delivering a website.

4. We Design

Generally we provide three draft design concepts for you to look at and consider. From there, one preferred concept is chosen and developed further through one or two more iterations before we agree on a final design. At this point, the estimate of costs is either confirmed, or revised.

5. We Develop

This is the part where all the "technical stuff" happens, and we turn all the design work into an actual working website. You will be able to see the progress of your site online at various stages during the development process, on a dedicated test server. If there are any further design decisions to be made during the build, we can often show you different options on the test version of the site.

6. We Test

We are testing throughout the build process, but prior to launch the website is tested on multiple computers and devices using all popular browsing software. If your site has dynamic content and runs on a database, we can conduct closed multiple user testing to have transactions processed (this would occur if you have an online store, for example).

7. We Train

For sites running on a CMS, or where there are web files that can be maintained by you, we prepare documentation and conduct training on how you can update your own site.

8. We Launch

Your website goes live and is broadcast to the world!

9. We Support

Your site may have been developed using a CMS, or you may be very interested in tracking its progress using analytics. With all on-going maintenance and reporting, we will support you as much as you need us to.

We will advise you about future-proofing your website as we develop it, so when there is something that we think will benefit your business down the track we will let you know about it, and explain how we can implement into your website strategy.

As part of your strategy, we may have discussed and included some online marketing initiatives - we can help you execute those plans to promote your website further.

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